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Drigung Drangjur

The Lhari Tibetan Medicine Hospital is located in Lhari, northern Tibet, where the reincarnation of the 10th Panchen Lama and the 6th Radring Lama were born. This hospital has begun to take shape. It has been developed into a well - equipped hospital. It has been essential in the composition of medicine in the Changtang area. There are many well educated doctors who are very skilled in medicine and are very diligent at medical ethics. In this hospital the doctors are practicing in the Drigungpa school. The Drigung Kagyu School was founded by Jitgen Gompo Sumgon Ratna Shri in 1179. The Drigung hospital was founded by Rigzin Chokyi Drakpa over 500 years ago. The way of making diagnosis and giving treatment and producing medicine has not only the Tibetan medicine character in general, but also has the Drigungpa school character as well. Under the supervision of the famous Tibetan doctor Troru Tsenam Rinpoche and the financial aid of Drigung A - Gong Rinpoche, under Doctor Ojin Tsewang and the President Sonam Pakdru’s practical leadership and accordiong to Tibetan medicne theory especially based on the recipe of the Drigungpa School, they produced a curative and effective medicine. The material they used for the medicine is natural herbs which grow in the un-polluted high lands of Tibet. This hospital can produce more than 160 kinds of medicine. The brand is know as ?Nyinda’. Nyinda medicine uses a very special formula which is free from any side effects. The medicines can not only prevent and cure many diseases, but also they can be used as a tonic. Among medicines, Drigung Drangjur is the most excellent one.


[Main Ingredients]: More than 100 kinds of pure natural herbs and medicinal materials including Tsotar, bezoar, saffrom, musk etc.
[Main Ingredients]: More than 100 kinds of pure natural herbs and medicinal materials including Tsotar, saffron, musk etc.
[Action & Indications]: For relieving fever and treatment of any kind of poisoning, chronic gastritis, any kind of ulcer, infectious hepatitis and cholecystitis, apoplexy, syphilis, V.D. and prolonged illness. For making you stronger, healthier, and less tired.
[Specifications]: A large pill. [Dosage]: For serious illness one pill daily with boiled water. Dawn will be the best time for taking the pill. For children, according to doctor's orders.
[Storage] Keep in cool and damp proof area, [Warring]: Avoid eating meat, egg, garlic, pepper and any spoiled food.

Mabe in Lhari, Tibet, P. R. China.